Digital producer, storyteller, organizer of everyone and everything. Much like my constantly changing list of my 100 favorite movies, my creative portfolio is eclectic yet curated. I have a wide variety of experience developing video and social media content for brands, collaborating on film projects, shooting photography, curating playlists, and much more.
Over the past three years, I have served as Executive Assistant and Content Producer for refashion designer and sustainable fashion advocate Kate McGuire. Through her brand, Converted Closet, Kate shares her unique clothing pieces that are upcycled from old clothes and textiles into high end fashion. I helped develop the digital presence of Converted Closet, facilitate collaborations with And Just Like That (HBO), The Today Show (NBC), and the United Nations, and produce videos that have grown the Instagram account to 200k+ followers. In addition, this spring during the jam-packed 2023-2024 theatrical season of 39 new shows opening on Broadway, I assisted the Social Media team at Playbill by covering press events and opening night red carpets on their Instagram and TikTok accounts.
Although I have always been drawn to the creative–from film, to photography, to theater, to fashion–I am a problem solver with an intense organizational ethos at heart. Growing up, I was a math and science kid, and I began my undergraduate journey at Tufts University with an intended major in Computer Science. That changed, however, after I took an introductory filmmaking course during my first semester, and decided to pursue a degree in Film and Media Studies. I realized that I could take my strategic, analytical mindset out of the box and combine it with my passions in order to drive creativity, orchestrate collaboration, and help bring stories to life through filmmaking and digital content production.
Beyond my professional background, I enjoy capturing, creating, and sharing in many forms. When I’m not working on projects, you can find me exploring New York City with my camera, logging movies on Letterboxd, curating unique Spotify playlists, making humorous TikToks, or recording clips for my 1 Second Everyday video project. I am always looking to connect with new faces, places, and experiences, and can be reached by email at with any inquiries.