Converted Closet 
Content Producer | Instagram
As Content Producer at Converted Closet, I convey the creative energy of leading refashion designer and sustainable fashion activist Kate McGuire through videos and digital content. Several video pieces were made as part of collaborations with And Just Like That (HBO) and The Today Show (NBC), and were shared by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker. The Instagram videos I produce maintain an average of 250k views per post, a 7% engagement rate, and have grown the account from 15k to 200k+ active followers. In addition, I launched the company TikTok page, which currently has 22k+ followers.

Converted Pre-Owned Zara Dresses
1.4M Instagram Views

2023 Highlight Video
225k Instagram Views

Social Media Assistant | Instagram and TikTok
During the record breaking 2023-2024 Broadway season, I am assisting the Playbill Social Media team with press event and opening night red carpet coverage on their 
Instagram (875k+ followers) and TikTok (190k+ followers) accounts. I additionally served as a Social Media Intern at Playbill in 2019, where I built out and developed the official Playbill Pinterest page and increased impression on YouTube by 300k monthly views by uploading existing media, curating series playlists, and transcribing closed captions.

Screenshot from Playbill's Instagram Story during the opening night of The Who's Tommy

Alicia Keys and Maleah Joi Moon at the opening night of Hell's Kitchen
1.3M TikTok Views

The International Rescue Committee
Video Editor | YouTube
As a Video Production Intern, I assisted the International Rescue Committee's Video Team with in house shoots, editing, and research for videos about the organization's humanitarian work and advocacy. I also served an integral role for the marketing and communications departments by editing hundreds of hours of footage into edited B-Roll packages that were organized by theme and location. 
The Tufts Daily
Executive Video Editor
I was a founding member of The Tufts Daily Video Team and served as Executive Video Editor for three semesters. In this role, I oversaw the production of all videos, trained new members, and served on the executive board of The Tufts Daily. As a member of the Video Team, I covered events and created campus videos, such as the 27 Questions With... series.
Tufts Office of Sustainability
Video Producer & Editor 
I independently researched, scripted, shot, and edited videos that spread awareness of environmental sustainability and activism for the Tufts Office of Sustainability. I produced informational videos and created pieces that covered environmentally focused events, festivals, and protests.
Tufts Quidditch
Social Media Manager & Video Editor
I created and designed promotional content, including videos, photographs, and merchandise, that was shared on the Tufts Quidditch social media pages and website. I additionally produced a How to Play Quidditch video (45k+ views) that is currently one of the top quidditch informational videos on YouTube and is used by many teams to explain the basic rules of the growing collegiate and international sport.
1 Second Everyday & Personal Videos
In addition to my professional work, I film videos literally every single day. On May 12, 2017, I started a 1 Second Everyday video project and have been filming ever since. In 2022, I was chosen as a member of the first 1 Second Everyday Ambassador Program and produced social media content for the brand, including multiple TikToks and Spotify playlists. A playlist of my compiled 1 Second videos are available on my YouTube page, where I also post edited videos of my travels and daily life.